Corsica-Stickney School Course Content

English Math Family & Con. Science Social Studies Business
English I Gram/Comp/Lit Algebra I FACS I-Comprehensive- 9th Grade Geography Accounting I
English II Speech/Lit. Geometry Child Development World History Accounting II
English III Comp./Lit Algebra II Nutrition and Wellness US History Business Law
English IV Comp./Lit Trig/Stats Parenting US Government Personal Finance
6th Grade Language Arts Pre-Calculus Employability Psycholology  
7th Grade Language Arts 7th Grade Housing Sociology  
7th Grade Writing 6th Grade Health   Industrial Technology
8th Grade Reading 8th Grade Pre-Algebra      
8th Grade Language Arts        
Science Music Foreign Language Physical Education Computer
Physical Science Chorus Spanish I Drivers Education Elementary Computer
Biology Band Spanish II   7th Cpt
Chemistry Grade 5-6 Band     8th Cpt
Physics       Exploring Cpt Science& Multi Media
Biology II       Advanced Computer Applications
Kindergarten Curriculum 1st Grade Curriculum 2nd Grade Curriculum 3rd Grade Curriculum 4th Grade Curriculum
Math   ELA     Soc. St.  Science Math   ELA   Soc. St.   Science Math     ELA   Soc. St.   Science Math     ELA   Soc. St.   Science Math   ELA   Soc. St.  Science
5th Grade Curriculum        
Math   ELA     Soc. St.  Science        

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