Corsica-Stickney Communities

"Bringing City and Country Together"

Corsica was established in August of 1905, when the railroad extended its line.  It was named Corsica
because some of the railroad workers  were from the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Corsica's population is 619 and was chosen as
Governor George S. Mickelson's 1990 Community of the Year

Stickney was established in 1905, when the railroad extended its line.
 It was named Stickney after JB Stickney, oldest railway agent in the US. 
A descendent of the family that named the town of Stickney in
 Great Britain at the time of the Norman Conquest. 
Mr. Stickney came to the 4th of July celebration in Stickney in 1906.


The following businesses and organizations located in Corsica & Stickney, South Dakota have web sites or pages on the internet. 
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