Corsica-Stickney District School Wellness Policy

The Corsica-Stickney School District desires to pursue the following objectives:

  1. Provide a positive environment and appropriate knowledge regarding food.

Ensure that students have access to healthy food choices during school and at school functions.

Provide a pleasant eating environment for students and staff.

Allow a minimum of 20 minutes for students to eat lunch and socialize in the designated cafeteria.

Enable all students, through a comprehensive curriculum, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food choices for a lifetime.

  1. When using food as a part of a class or student incentive programs, staff and students are encouraged to utilize healthy nutritious food choices.
  2. When curricular-based food experiences are planned, staff and students are encouraged to seek out good nutrition choices whenever appropriate.
  3. Make healthy food choices available.
  4. To accomplish these goals

Child Nutrition Programs comply with gov’t guidelines.  Child Nutrition Programs are accessible to all children.

Sequential and interdisciplinary nutrition education is provided and promoted.

Patterns of meaningful physical activity connect to student’s lives through an individualized activity program.

All school based activities are consistent with local wellness policy goals.

All foods made available on campus adhere to food safety and security guidelines.

The school environment is safe, comfortable, pleasing and allows ample time and space for eating meals.  Food and/or physical activity is not used as a reward or punishment.

6.  In compliance with this policy, Corsica-Stickney School uniquely & comprehensively addresses physical activity, nutrition education, food rewards/incentives and vending activities.  Upon request specific activity attachments related to this policy are available.


The following are members of the committee selected to develop a Wellness Policy.  They are Carrie Kafka-Instructor, Nicole Bamberg- RN, School Board & Parent, Michelle Koch-Instructor, Cindy Bosma-School Cook & Parent, Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal, Superintendent.




Physical Activity

The Corsica-Stickney School is aware that obesity and weight is a concern of the school, community & society.  Creating a healthy environment is a priority for the Corsica-Stickney Educational System. 


Grade School students will have Physical Education classes 2 times per week equaling 40 minutes, in addition to recess and noon time for physical activity.  The 21st Century “After School Program” conducts various moderate and vigorous activities including Wacky Walking Wednesday where students count laps and receive token awards for the number of laps completed.  Middle School students are encouraged to be in involved in various sports/physical activities in addition to moderate to vigorous recreation at noon and are encouraged to engage in lifetime physical activities they enjoy.  High School students will be required to devise an Approved Individualized Physical Education Plan for high school credit.  The state mandates high school students must have 1/2 unit of Health and 1/2 PE for high school graduation. 


Corsica-Stickney School encourages students/staff to lead healthy active life styles.  Physical activity is encouraged to be incorporated into all curriculum areas.  The Corsica-Stickney School acknowledges that all people need a balance between academic and physical activities to achieve maximum potential.


The Corsica-Stickney School Wellness Council currently consists of the Family & Consumer Science teacher, the Principals, a Physician, a Nurse, an Elementary Instructor, and a School Cook, but it is not limited to this group and may be adjusted as necessary.


Nutrition Education

All Elementary classrooms will incorporate nutrition education into the classroom setting.  Components of the Growing Healthy Curriculum will be used.  Sixth & Seventh Grade will utilize the Quest Program as their basis for nutrition education.  The 8th graders will learn in their Family and Consumer Science class to promote healthy choices.  All incoming high school students will be introduced to health education through the Family and Consumer Science Coursework they will take.


The County Health Organization will support the classroom material by conducting a health fairs allowing students to sample products and learn more about their food choices and how their body responds to various products on a rotational basis. 

The meals served through the school lunch program will meet all of the mandatory nutrition requirements.  The Corsica-Stickney School will assist students to make good food and lifestyle choices.


Rewards, Incentives, Consequences

Students will not be retained from physical activity classes for punishment.  Physical activity is not be used as punishment.  Food and confectionary items will be monitored, used appropriately and moderately for seasonal parties, rewards, and birthdays. 


Other School Based Activities Component

The Corsica-Stickney School will continue to create an environment that encourages wellness and encourages making good choices.  The gymnasiums will be available for community walking during inclement weather and the track facility is open for all to use.  In addition the Elementary Gym is available for activities.  A wellness center is available and is open 24 hours for students to use for a small membership fee.  The equipment is purchased by the school and housed for supervision at the wellness center where there is.



Vending Machines and Fundraising

The vending machines will offer a wide range of products and the school will encourage the purchase of healthy products through various strategies whether it be through pricing or education strategies.  The vending machines and concessions stands will offer healthy products in association with other concession items.  Students will learn to make wise and healthy choices through education.